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Operations supervise the day to day activities of the individual hotels, reporting directly to the President. Working with the corporate and property staff, the Vice President of Operations is responsible for hotels operating within the budgeted guidelines and achieving the targeted profit. hotel operations management

Area Managers, reporting to the Vice President of Operations, have supervisory responsibility for groups of assigned hotels. This concept provides added supervision and increases the attention given the hotels.

Profit Ratios are the primary focus of operations. General Managers are responsible for maintaining the budgeted "flow through percentages" of profit assuring their control of variable costs. Expense Control is highly prioritized at corporate and property level. Budgets are developed annually based on studies of best vendors, operating efficiencies, and historic formulas. Inventories are conducted and reviewed monthly.

Hotel Operations management The Vice President of Operations and Area Managers monitor excellence in Value through extensive on-site inspections. Written reports are sent to property general managers and the appropriate corporate staff. Specific areas of improvement are identified, solutions recommended and deadlines agreed to insure timely resolution and satisfaction.

Guest satisfaction is insured through the training programs at all properties. Creative application of guest services programs ensures excellence in communication among staff. Regular meetings with all departments promulgates a high level of employee morale, ultimately experienced by guests.

Yield Management is a key result area and provides for the maximization of room and total revenues. Trends are closely monitored by the director of operations and the area managers in conjunction with the sales and marketing department. Results are measured by occupancy, average rate, and overall revenue, and market segmentation separating our business by daily, monthly and year-to-date classifications. All general managers are constantly challenged to become more sophisticated in the usage of Yield Management.

Hotel Operations management and consultation Management training is emphasized with a goal of promoting from within whenever possible. This provides a smooth transition period when a manager is transferred or promoted. Management training is tailored to the needs of the individual. Training is conducted at training seminars attended by hotel and corporate staffs. Sharing of knowledge is encouraged through general manager meetings prepared by Horizon, as well as on site visits by corporate staff including representatives of operations, human resources, sales and marketing, food and beverage, accounting, and engineering, as well as the President of Horizon.

The operations department constantly solicits new and productive ideas from all field managers and tests new programs at sites where they will improve profits. Operations at Horizon is dedicated to results and committed to improving the performance of all hotels regardless of their current success.

Human Resources

The Horizon human resources department maintains a proactive relationship between management, employees, clients and guests while enforcing our commitment to equal employment opportunity and recognizing the diversity of our workplace.

Property Operations Management Human resources promotes corporate culture; offers education on relevant employment legal issues, insures EEO/AAP compliance; audits wages and salary administration and facilitates training and development.

Corporate human resources staff routinely visits each property and conducts audits of policies and procedures. These audits focus on "why" we institute our policies and procedures along with insuring property compliance.

Horizon considers the training and development of employees one of the many important challenges we face. During the routine visits to each property, human resources identifies specific issues and tailors training and development programs for future enhancements. Our programs include Job Task Training, Front Office Quality Service, Workshop in Diversity, Interviewing, Communication, Team Building, Writing and Problem Solving Techniques.


Asset value is protected by expert property maintenance programs developed and audited by the Horizon engineering staff. Each property is given complete program manuals detailing all procedures for:

· Energy Control
· Equipment Preventative Maintenance
· Room Preventative Maintenance

Hotel Engineering Management The energy program is monitored daily to include meter readings. An end of the month report is sent to corporate engineering for review of variances from target. The general manager and senior maintenance technicians are trained in the equipment preventative maintenance program. An audit by corporate engineering is performed during each visit to the property. The rooms preventative maintenance program is audited every time corporate staff visits a property.

All programs receive a complete audit at least twice a year and the on-site property manuals are reviewed in total to insure compliance. The recruitment and training of qualified maintenance personnel are key functions. Qualifications including necessary licenses are carefully reviewed. Training of maintenance technicians is conducted on and off site.

Horizon provides national contracts for chemicals, carpet cleaning and air conditioning maintenance. Horizon engineering oversees all capital projects.