Taking Hotel management
to the next level

Taking Hotel management
to the next level

Taking Hotel management
to the next level

Taking Hotel management
to the next level


Almost 40 Years of Experience

Horizon Hotels Limited provides a full range of services, covering every phase of the hotel and asset management spectrum. We pride ourselves on our experience, expertise, and collaborative approach, and we only accept contracts for projects where we are sure we can meet client goals and expectations. Browse our hotel and asset management services below – and contact Horizon to learn how we can add value to your investment.

We are dedicated to results and committed to improving the performance of all hotels regardless of their current success. We place heavy emphasis on maintaining high Quality Assurance Scores across all brands, ensuring that our owners are always in good standing with their respective franchises and financial institutions.The Operations team supervises the day-to-day activities of individual hotels, reporting directly to the President. We work with property staff to ensure that hotels operate within the budgeted guidelines and achieve the targeted profit.

Areas of focus include:

Profit ratios

General Managers are responsible for maintaining the budgeted "flow through percentages" of profit, assuring their control of variable costs. Expense control is highly prioritized, and budgets are developed annually based on studies of best vendors, operating efficiencies, and historic formulas. Inventories are conducted and reviewed monthly.

On-site inspections

We monitor excellence in value through extensive on-site inspections. Written reports are sent to property general managers and the appropriate corporate staff. Specific areas of improvement are identified, solutions recommended, and deadlines agreed to ensure timely resolution and satisfaction.

Guest services

Creative application of guest services programs ensures excellence in communication among staff, while regular meetings with all hotel departments promote a high level of employee morale, which ultimately enhances the guest experience. We are also responsible for maintaining high customer surveys across each of the respective brands.

Revenue management

Revenue management provides for the maximization of room and total revenues. We closely monitor trends and results are measured by occupancy, average rate, and overall revenue, as well as market segmentation separating the business by daily, monthly and year-to-date classifications. All general managers are constantly challenged to become more sophisticated in the usage of Revenue Management. We strive for our properties to outperform their respective competitive sets on the Monthly and Weekly Star Reports.

Management training

Our goal is to promote from within whenever possible, thus providing a smooth transition period. Management training is tailored to the needs of the individual, and is conducted at training seminars attended by hotel and corporate staffs. General Manager meetings prepared by Horizon encourage knowledge sharing, as do on-site visits by corporate staff and the President of Horizon.

Effective marketing is measured by growth of profitability; it is essential in all phases of a hotel's life cycle – particularly in start-up and turnaround situations.

Our sales and marketing services include:

Comprehensive marketing plans

Proper positioning is the initial step in new development or when assuming management of an existing hotel. Following extensive research, we develop and evaluate a comprehensive marketing plan, establishing ambitious but realistic rate, occupancy, and revenue goals based on the overall expectations of the owners. We also provide competitive analysis, solicitation and revenue goals, supply/demand analysis, selective sell guidelines, guestroom inventory control, advertising calendar and a defined sales action plan to effectively target the appropriate market segments for a given hotel.


Just as correct revenue forecasting and budget allocation is vital to the marketing plan, so is proper monitoring of revenue gains. Weekly sales reports are submitted to Horizon every Friday, detailing every sales contact made as well as the revenue booked by each salesperson. Exceeding solicitation and revenue goals are a must for a property to succeed and it is how our salespeople are evaluated. 

Internet reputation management

A property’s website, along with the reviews it receives on TripAdvisor and other travel-related websites, are its “public face,” and often provide that crucial first impression for potential customers. In addition to Facebook,Twitter and Instagram, Horizon monitors all social media platforms and responds to positive and negative comments posted about each property, ensuring an online presence that is truly representative of its brand and mission.

We know the business regardless of the market

Our experience extends across every market segment – Corporate, Government, Leisure and Package Transient, Contract, Corporate, Association, SMERF, Sports Teams and Tour and Travel. We understand how to work effectively with the Global Sales Offices for all major brands, ensuring that our owners are taking advantage of every available brand resource.

A property’s success can be substantially enhanced by adhering to carefully planned budgets and effective expense control procedures. Horizon uses a centralized accounting system based on the "Uniform System of Accounts," as published periodically by the American Hotel & Motel Association. Systematized accounting assures timely reports and adherence to proper financial procedures.

Financial services include:

Budgets and forecasts

Horizon works with all properties to prepare annual budgets and forecasts, which must then be approved by Horizon’s Corporate Office and property owners each new fiscal year. Afterward, both property and corporate staff closely monitor the actual results in comparison to the budgets. Monthly statements are reviewed, and the corporate accounting staff completes periodic internal audit and control verifications.

Financial reporting

Streamlined reporting methods keep owners and Horizon current on a property's financial progress. These reports include Daily Property Summary Reports, Monthly Snapshot Reports to review variances and flow through, Rolling 12 Month Actual/Budget Comparisons, and Payroll Reports to monitor departmental payrolls. Significant variances to budget are investigated for explanation, and results are reported to our senior accounting staff.

Centralized, automated systems

Horizon has a central accounting office, which can prove beneficial for a property's cost effectiveness and controls. All properties transmit daily statistics via computer to the corporate office. The key statistics, revenue, occupancy, average rate, bank and credit card deposits, and payroll costs for each department are summarized and distributed to all involved corporate staff.

Horizon’s concept for a hotel restaurant is to make it the best venue for guests and local residents alike. We operate it not as a hotel food outlet, but as the most popular restaurant within a 30-mile radius. This is accomplished by serving the best food in the area and transforming the bar into a meeting place for the local community. We refine the atmosphere, offerings and pricing to make each outlet a fun, upscale local spot, where area residents and business people gather to socialize with friends and meet new people.

Areas of focus include:

Menu development

Horizon designs hotel menus to reflect each hotel’s location, using local products and produce. With this concept as a basis, we conduct new product research and development, product reviews, recipe re-engineering initiatives, plate presentation studies, and profit building analysis.

Operations improvement

By offering exceptional menus, reasonably priced cuisine and fast, friendly service, Horizon restaurants become the place to go — for business breakfasts, casual lunches, work banquets, romantic dinners, family meals and Sunday brunch. This goal is achieved through operations analysis, best practices roundtables, labor control, profit & loss management and inventory control.

Systems development & training

A successful restaurant pairs great food with great service. Horizon refines the restaurant concept to ensure a functional facility for staff and an enjoyable dining experience for guests. We also conduct service and culinary training programs, implement management development, retention and training initiatives, and monitor service and quality reviews.

Horizon’s mission is to maintain proactive relationships among management, employees, clients and guests, while ensuring equal employment opportunities and recognizing the diversity in our workplace. Our staff has earned a reputation for integrity, innovation, personalized service and success. We ensure that the guest experience — from reservation through checkout — is the best it can be.

Areas of focus include:

Hiring standards

Horizon’s philosophy for guest service is simple: Treat the guests in our hotels as we would treat guests in our home. This philosophy is based on the principle that it is the responsibility of every employee to deliver the best possible service to the guests. For each property, we oversee recruiting and hiring of staff, EEO/AAP compliance, employee benefits, and performance management.

Employee relations

It is Horizon’s policy that every employee is treated with respect, dignity and professionalism, and we expect our employees to respond in kind. We provide each property with Employee Handbooks to address problem-solving techniques, ensure that the staff is treated in a fair manner, and offer job descriptions outlining all responsibilities. We also audit wages to ensure fair compensation, conduct employee recognition programs, and promote from within as much as possible.

Staff training

Horizon’s training programs focus on implementing brand standards, team building, and creating positive and rewarding work environments.

Our training programs include:

  • Human Resources Workshops
  • Workshops for Managers and Supervisors
  • Teamwork Seminars
  • Communications and Motivation for Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Coaching Counseling Workshops
  • Documentation Workshops
  • Front Office Training
  • Skill/Task vs. Concept Training
  • Clients and Customer Service Training
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Effective Leadership Workshops
  • Operations

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  • Sales and Marketing

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  • Financial Services

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  • Food & Beverage

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